The Colombian producer of the product that will be exported directly by he or by a marketer, elaborate and digitally sign an origin affidavit, in which indicate among other information the criterion of the qualification the products like original.

The exporter, well be the same producer or the authorized marketer by this, before boarding to the ware, will expedite a self-certification (in the page 21 this primer is clarified the concept of self-certification) or will solicit the expedition of a proof of origin to the tax and customs national management, for your exportations of any products to intended for a country party to an existing trade agreement for Colombia with fundament in the whish will be awarded preferential tariff treatment, as long as the product accomplish with the applicable regimen of origin.

The exporting process of the proof of origin and the modality of the same vary in each trade agreement. In some agreement is established that in advance to the expedition to a proof of origin by the delegated authority (in Colombia the DIAN), the producer to the goods should present an “affidavit”, this only required when the proof of origin must be to issue by the tax and customs national management (DIAN), when the trade agreement establish the self-certification by the exporter, the producer, or the importer is not necessary the procedure.

Declaración Juramentada